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good afternoon. welcome to "news4 at 4." i'm pat lawson muse. >> i'm jim hanley. we begin with breaking news involving that halate-night shakeup on nbc. in a statement released just a short time ago, conan o'brien says he cannot participate in what he believes woulde t destruction of the "tonight show," which he calls the greatest franchise in the history of broadcasting. nbc announced plans last week to move the leno show out of its 10:00 p.m. time slot primetime and change it to a half hour at 11:35. that would move the "tonight show" with conan o'brien to 12:05 followed by "late night with jimmy fallon." well, we'll have much more on this late-night shakeup coming up in our next half hour. big news out of l.a. today. now to the never-ending drama surrounding the salahis. a grand jury wants to know what
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two hair stylists know about the salahis and their unauthorized entry into the white house. >> this afternoon, irwin gomez and peggy iokim we questioned about the conversations they had with the salahis on the day of president obama's first state dinner. kimberly suiters has the story. >> reporter: two celebrity stylists here in d.c. received subpoenas last friday night asking them to appear before a grand jury investigating the matter of how the salahis got into the white house state dinner uninvited. irgon win good those and peggy m worked with the salahis, provided services for them, for nearly six hours the day of the state dinner. so that is the reason they're being called here today. around 11:15 this morning, the two stylists arrived as well as
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their representation to appear before the grand jury. and this was the scene the moment they arrived at the federal courthouse. sg >> good morning. >> how are you feeling? >> good. >> what e they going to say today? >> the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. >> how much was said in the salon about the dinner? >> i'm sorry, no comment. >> good morning. >> counsel. >> you're the attorney? >> yes. >> anything you can say this morning? >> no. we're just going to go in and answer questions. >> do you expect to be asked questions just about the salahis or also about carlos allen? >> we'll answer the questions we're asked. >> how long do you expect this to take? >> it will probably be a while. i'm not sure what time the grand jury starts meeting. it will be a few hours probably. >> thank you.
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>> they wanted to have somebody in the legal field to explain to them how this process works. they've never been called before a grand jury before. reporting in federal courthouse, i'm kimberly suiters. now back to you. >> jane watrel will have the latest on what the party crashers' hair stylists had to say coming up on "news4 at 5." now at 4:00, the distractions keep on coming this afternoon for members of the washington wizards. today, two more players missed practice to talk wit investigators about the gilbert arenas gun investigation. today, mcgee and miller talked with officers about what they saw in the locker room. seven players have now been questioned along with the head coach. the wizards play at home tonight against the pistons. another game without arenas who was suspended indefinitely by
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the nba. the miami police officer who killed a tourist from northern virginia has resigned. apparently after failing a drug test. officer adam tabest was involved in the shooting death outside a south beach nightclub last june. he was looking to pick a fight and appeared to have weapons under his shirt. no guns were found at the scene. the officer was also involved in another deadly shooting a few days later but he was cleared of any wrong-doing. montgomery county police are following strong leads in the murder of an 18-year-old overnight. police got a call from the passer-by who discovered the man this morning near brookville road in brookville. investigators say the body had obvious signs of drama and they don't believe this is a random killing. they have strong clues that could soon lead them to a suspect. three loudoun county teens
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are safe at home. yesterday their parents expressed a lot of concern that a gang may have been involved in their disappearance, but they turned up at a shopping center in sterling. there's no word yet about what they were doing or why they disappeared. police in northern virginia cracked down on hov violators during this morning's rush hour. officers were patrolling interstate 66, 95 and 395 for drivers who were not in the car with a passenger. fines begin at 125 bucks and then double with each offense, which means offenders will have to pay $1,000 on their fourth offense. a live look outside now. the temperatures remain below freezing. but take heart. there's a warmup on the way. veronica johnson has more nowñrn what we can expect in the forecast. hey, veronica.
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>> hey there. the last time we got above 40 degrees was the first of january. well, tomorrow could be the day. today our temperatures, we started out below freezing. washington, d.c. at 29 degrees. 29 at quantico. right at 30 at pax river. right now we're at 34 degrees. we've had a fair amount of sunshine throughout the day today. by friday, how about near 50 degrees? that's more like, oh, mid-february, late february type temperatures. not going to last a long time, though. but it will be nice to get rid of the rest of this snow. northwesterly light wind, that's what we have through the area right now. mostly clear skies through your overnight. we'll drop to 27 degrees by 11:00 p.m. your fast forecast, a clear and cold overnight coming your way. seasonal sunshine for tomorrow. and what about the feel of february? we'll look at those numbers with your seven-day forecast in just a few. >> thanks, veronica. from bailouts to bonuses,
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things are looking up for wall street bankers. more than a year after taking money from the government to stay afloat, some banks made huge profits last year. and are set to hand out billions of dollars in bonuses. the move has angered the white house, which is now considering a tax as a way to do something about this. tracie pots is working the story from capitol hill. >> good afternoon, everyone. these banks have started to pay the money back. the government has, in fact, recouped quite a bit of your money from that bailout, but now they're looking for banks to give more. later this week, we'll learn how much the big banks will pay in bonuses this year. >> they'll put it back in the economy and help us out. >> reporter: today the fdic asked the public to weigh in on a new plan to charge higher insurance premiums to banks that base their bonuses on risky lending. >> we estimate $100 billion in losses for the deposit insurance fund over a five-year period."'
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that. >> reporter: the plan would offer lower rates to banks that offer more stock instead of cash and require employees to pay those bonuses back if their deals don't perform. the agency is overstepping its authority. >> while the rule-making authority to establish a risk-based system is broad, it is not limitless. >> reporter: congress and the federal reserve are also worki on executive pay restrictions. >> there is a menu here coming in all directions towards wall street. not just my office. expecting some real change. >> reporter: the administration's is also looking at taxing banks. >> when you try to meet your political objectives, it's a bad idea. >> reporter: business leaders argue banks will just pass those taxes on to consumers. now, that tax idea, it's still being discussed but could end up being revealed as part of the president's budget this year. from capitol hill, tracie potts,
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news4 washington. pat? >> thanks. some high-end merchandise belonging to the woman who stole millions of dollars from the district is now on the auction block. a number of designer purses and shoes are now available online. they were bought by harriet walters, the former manager at the d.c. tax office. she was the ring leader of a scam that netted $48 million. she's currently serving a 17-year prison sentence in connection with the scheme. today, senator john mccain accused democrats of a double standard for their reaction to the racial remarks made by harry reid. the democrat from november has apologized for comments reported in the new book "game change." reid praised barack obama's chances at winning the white house because of his light skin tone and lack of what reid called negro dialect. this morning on "today," mccain said he was not joining other
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republicans in calling for reid's resignation, but he criticized reid's remarks and had strong words for democrats. >> obviously his remarks were -- i didn't know those kind of words were still in the american lexicon. and i must comment that a stunning double center as far as the treatment of senator lott who made unfortunate remarks and the treatment of harry reid by the liberal left. >> trent lott was the majority leader in 2002 when he suggested during a tribute to senator strom thurmond that the nation might have been better off if the former segregationist had been elected president. lott was forced to resign from his leadership position. president obama says he has accepted reid's apology and is ready to move on. meanwhile, the president's focus is on health care reform and his state of the union address. as he gets ready for both, he's planning a display of
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bipartisanship. he will address a gathering of house democrats this week, but he'll also speak to republicans in february. lawmakers work to reconcile differences in the house and senate versions of the health care reform plan. new at 4:00, if some people have their way, buying booze in the state of maryland is going to cost more money. today, supports of a 10-cent tax increase on beer, wine and liquor gathered here in annapolis. groups want the money from the tax to help people who have abused alcohol and to provide funds for drug treatment centers. maryland has the 48th lowest alcohol tax in the nation. there's going to be lots of opposition. the last time there was a tax increase on liquor was back in 1955. a special election today in northern virginia is drawing special interest. voters in the state's 37th district are deciding between republican steve hunt and democrat dave marsde for the senate. the seat was vacated.
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the area runs from springfield to centerville. observers say the outcome will influence the balance of power in virginia. democrats outnumber republicans in the state senate. "news4 at 4" just getting starts. controversial case. >> next at 4:15, what's on the agenda at the supreme court and why convicted sex offenders could be let out of prison. at 4:30, what the co-hosts of "american idol" are now saying after learning simon cowell plans to call it quits. and at 4:45, the big changes retailers say you should expect to see in an effort to boost their bottom line.
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should sex offenders deemed dangerous to society be held indefinitely to protect the public? that's the question the supreme court is taking up today. the court is considering the constitutionality of a 2006 law that allows the federal government to keep sexually dangerous prisoners locked up. even after they've finished their ntences. brian mooar joins us live with more on this story. brian? >> higthe federal government ca order a person that's sexually dangerous to be held. days before his scheduled release on a child pornography conviction, braden comstock was told that he wouldn't be getting out of prison because he sexually dangerous. now his case is before the supreme court, which heard arguments on the adam walsh protection act. it allows the federal government
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to order extreme sexual predators held indefinitely. the case could redefine the constitutional boundaries for congress. the government argued it has to step in and protect society whe states can't or won't, but an attorney for comstock argued congress has no such constitutional power. and that seemed to hold weight with several justices, saying this is a recipe for the federal government taking over everything. >> the state is not willing to do it, then the federal government must do it. >> reporter: martin andrews was abducted by a repeat sexual offender when he was 13 years old, buried in a box and left for dead. such a law, he says, would have kept his kidnapper behind bars. >> if this is overturned, i hope the congress has the good sense to go back and rewrite their law and come back and dry again. >> and john paul stevens suggested today that congress may have to link about doing
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that, going back and rewriting the law. live in washington, i'm brian mooar. jim, back to you. >> thank you. u.s. prosecutors have filed a new indictment against a man accused of hijacking on the high seas. according to court papers filed today in manhattan, prosecutors allege that the man had taken part in two other hijackings. he was captured during the rescue of ricrd phillips. he is the only survivor of the gang that took the ship and crew captive. he was charged on ten counts including piracy and violence against maritime navigation. if convicted, he faces mandatory life in prison. new at 4:00, distracted driving is a growing problem. and the federal government is on a mission to educate the public about the dangers. transportation secretary ray lahol lahoud says that a new group has been started to teach drivers
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about the dangerous distractions. the group is urging americans to put downçó their cell phones an blackberries while they're behind the wheel. just as mothers against drunk driving changed attitudes, he believes focus driven can change the way people think about distracted driving. 19 states and the district have banned texting while driving. virginia is rated as one of the worst states in the nation when it comes to highway safety. d.c. and maryland faired better. the group, advocates for highway and auto safety, looked at 15 different standards, including stricter seat belt enforcement and tougher cell phone and drunk driving laws. virginia only met five of the group's 15 safety standards. the district scored the highest point total in the nation. maryland scored a ten out of 15. the group said no jurisdiction had a perfect score. when we come right back on "news4 at 4," breaking his
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silence. >> mark maguire talks for the first time about his illegal use of steroids. plus, the piece of history now on display at the library of congress here in washington. then, big changes for another major airline. changes that are going to have travelers digging a little deeper in their pockets.
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preliminary numbers from a new tally show airplane bird strikes could reach or exceed 10,000. the spike in bird strikes comes following that us airways jet that crash landed in new york's hudson river. experts on bird strikes say it's getting increasingly crowded in the skies with birds and planes all fighting for air spice. it's getting crowded up there. >> not to mention the hover crafts. >> well, i guess that would probably be a little more dangerous, do you think? >> yeah. in years to come. >> back down here on the ground, can we finally thaw out a little? >> yes. tomorrow, pat, the first day above 40. that sounds good, doesn't it? >> it sounds like a heat wave. >> it will be for sure. in a couple of days we should be
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above 40 degrees. we had flurries come through the area last night between about 9:00 p.m. and 1:00 a.m. in the morning. didn't amount to a whole lot. a quarter of an inch in southern maryland. 34, the temperature right now at reagan national airport. the wind out of the west-northwest at 12. a windchill of 24 degrees. the average low temperature is 27 degrees. we started out this morning at 29 degrees here. clear skies tonight. we're not going to have flurries come through re. we're down to the low 20s. 23 degrees in d.c. teens elsewhere. still a lot of cold out there. 21 in wichi p jacksonville, 23 degrees. a lot of spots throughout central florida in the deep freeze once again. a hard freeze warning still up until 10:00 a.m. for areas of central florida. right along the gulf coast. and the other issue that they're having, they lost a lot of the citrus and the berry crop. water temperature at 49 degrees. a lot of the fish starting to
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die now. this near tampa, florida. in fact, thousands are reported showing up on shore. and for the snook fish, which is a rare fish for them, it could be the worst fish kill since 1977. so they will get a chance to warm up, but another hard freeze coming up tonight. 34 degrees is our temperature. 36, not much better in atlanta, georgia. again, still that pattern change expected. tomorrow, though, above 40 degrees. and 50, warmer conditions expect for so muchf the nation. and low pressure in the gulf of mexico as soon as we start warming up. a system will be developing in the gulf of mexico. likely to arrive in some sections of the east coast in that saturday night through sunday period. depends on the track of the storm. for us, we are going for some rain. maybe a little bit of snow the second half of the weekend. nothing but sunshine. the lake-effect snows, not doing a lot further north either.
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clear skies and nice conditions coming up. from the low 30s to the mid-20s here over the next couple of hours. by tomorrow morning, we'll be starting out in the teens to mid-20s. still quite cold to start. but not quite as brisk as what we've seen because the winds will be pretty light tomorrow out of the west-northwest generally through the area. so a nice pretty day coming our way. again, a nice, milder day for us. not as cold. up to a high of 41 degrees. again, saturday night and sunday, that's when that storm system could be getting close enough to us as it moves up the coast with a touch of some rain showers maybe a little bit of snow showers if it hangs out long enough. in this tough economy, mom and pop restaurants are struggling to survive. we have a preview of a story that we're working on for "news4
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at 5" tonight. they're trying just about anything to get business back and keep it. >> it's a tough time. it's really profound here in our backyard. i went to wheaten, maryland. evyone says it's the essence of the community, the mom and pop stores. they are coming up with some creative tactics to try and draw foot traffic, get people back in the door. it's not easy right now. they are struggling. i have their story coming up at 5:00. it's exciting. >> thank you, john. all right. don't forget, "news4 at 4" is on facebook and twitter, too. we're posting news, weather, and traffic reports. find us on both social networking sites by searching "news4 at 4." pat, back to you. >> thanks, jim. there is much more ahead. new at 4:30, conan o'brien makes a shocking announcement about his career plans. plus, what happened after the parents ofxd a missing brith girl came face-to-face with the man who accused them of foul
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play. and the investigation into the millions of dollars in federal stimulus many being superintendent for small-town airports and whe
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welcome back. i'm jimçó hanley. >> i'm pat lawson muse. some of the stories we're following in the news at this hour, montgomery county police
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are following some strong leads in the murder of an 18-year-old overnight. a passer-by discovered the man early this morning in a remote area of brookville. investigators do not believe it was a random killing. they believe they could be led to a suspect soon. the white house party crasher investigation is now turning toward two georgetown hair stylists. erwin gomez and peggy ioakim styled the salahis before the couple went to lastxd november' state dinner without an invitation. this afternoon, a grand jury questioned the hire stylists about what the accused party crashers said that day. thousands of dollars in purses and designer shoes that once belonged to a woman convicted of stealing millions from the district are now on the auction block. the items were bought by harriet walters, a former manager at the d.c. tax office. she's now serving time for theft in connection with the scheme. the online auction runs until january 22nd. but first at 4:30, now we've
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got some breaking news involving some primetime show shockers. the hits just keep on coming, folks. conan o'brien says heñi will no continue doing the "tonight show" if it moves to 12:05 after jay leno. >> the cedian released a statement late this afternoon saying he would not participate in what he fears would be the destruction of the greatest franchise in the history of broadcasting. all this comes as the most outspoken and controversial judge on "american idol," simon cowell, announces he's leaving that show. george lewis has the latest. >> everybody wants to know what my plans are. all i can say is i plan to continue putting on a great show night after night while stealing as many office supplies as humanly possible. ♪ >> reporter: jay leno whas pleny of new material at nbc's expense as well. >> see, nobody knows. suppose we were moving to 11:30.
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but even this is not sure. my people are upset, conan's people are upset. nbxd wanted drama at 10:00. now they got it. >> when you've got personalities of these magnitudes saying they're headi ining elsewhere, means big upheaval. >> reporter: and the big upheaval on fox focuses on simon cowell, the "american idol" judge everybody loves to hate. >> it was overtheatrical. >> reporter: monday, cowell announced he's leaving at the end of this season to start a new fox reality series "the x factor." the british version of the show, another talent contest, is a mega hit. the big question surrounding "american idol" is whether it will do as well next year without simon. >> we can't replace him. we're just hoping it keep it active and energetic. >> reporter: the newest "american idol" judge, ellen degeneres, weighs in on cowell's departure. >> seriously, i am going to be very, very sad to see him go.
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he has made the show what it is. >> reporter: george lewis, nbc news, los angeles. >> with paula abdul gone and simon going, randy jackson will be the only original judge left on "american idol." some tv critics say the choice of cowell's replacement will be critical in whether the show survives. now to florida where police are following new leads in the murder of a model and excaughting dancer found in a dumpston bu sto dumpster burned beyond recognition. authorities are hoping to be led to the woman's killer. 26-year-old paula sladewski was vacations in miami over new year's with her boyfriend on the night she was last seen. the two had argued in a club. he got tossed out. tapes show sladewski leaving the club aut 15 minutes later. now witnesses say they saw another man walk up to her and that she left with him. policeay her boyfriend is not a suspect despite a history of domestic violence against her. in fact, just days earlier at a
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concert, another man actually videotaped the two as evidence because he feared for his safety. >> i wanted to know who this was in case the police, you know, needed to identify someone if he hit me. it was really chilling to think that, you know, here these people were in front of me and, you know, a week later she's no longer alive. >> authorities have spoken to enough witnesses that club where sladewski was last seen that they can make a sketch of a person who may turn out to be her killer. former baseball star mark maguire finally got things off his chest and confessed he used stairtoids for a decade. last night, maguire told his -- said in his first television interview with the mlb network that he did, in fact, use steroids. he says he was not given immunity and that's why he did not confess five years ago during a congressional hearing. maguire admitted he used steroids during the 1998 season in which he broke the home run record.
4:35 pm
>> i apologize to everybody in major league baseball. my family, everybody. >> when you look back at what he accomplished, it was great. but there's -- there's the truth and the reality now that clearly he was using these substances. so knowing that, i don't -- i would never use the word taint, but i think it puts it in perspective. >> maguire has not made the hall of fame in the past four attempts and received minimal support. there is still no sign of madeleine mccann, a little girl who disappeared in portugal two years ago. today, her parents were back in lisbon, portugal, hoping a judge would uphold a ban on a book by a former debtive in the case. in the book, the inspector says that he believes that madeleine
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accidentally died and her parents tried to cover it up. the mccanns have called the book slanderous and libel. >> we're here to found our daughter and we're the only people that -- and if anybody steps over the line, they have to defend what they say in court. >> later this month, madeleine will have been missing for more than 1,000 days. the pentagon says a clerical error caused a military mix-up involving a fallen soldier. the defense department sent a news release to media outlets around the country announcing that mark a. juarez of bakersfield, california, was killed saturday in afternoon. within minutes, governor schwartzeneger offered condolences in a written statement. turns out the military had confused juarez with another marine who had the same fir and last name but a different middle name.
4:37 pm
the real victim of the battle was mark d. juarez of san antonio, texas. >> mix-ups like that, it causes a lot of family grief. >> knowing that he was alive, it was kind of like stressful because i knew i was going to be getting the phone calls and worried family members. and then -- it was just scary to think about if he had passed. >> the pentagon said the wrong file was pulled accidentally. governor schwartzeneger's office has issued a corrected statement now redirecting his condolences to the other juarez family. just ahead on "news4 at 4," new fees. >> another major airline now says you're going to have to fork over more for your bags the next time you fly. and why wearing running shoes could be doi more harm than good the next time you exercise. and former vice presidential candidate sarah palin has a new gig. and today is the day she makes her debut.
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a rare opportunityxd to see rare map now on display that library of congress through april. it's the first map in chinese that shows the americas. it identifies the florida area as the land of flowers. and it references humped oxen, bison, as well as wild horses in north america. it's nicknamed the impossible black tulip of cartography
4:41 pm
because it was so hard to find. this is one of only two maps to be known in good condition. the library will create a digital image of the map to post online. so, jim, you were bornn the land of flowers. >> right. didn't see any citrus down there, though. >> i wouldn't have guessed that. the citrus is all ice today. >> yes. >> icy at least. veronica, is it going to warm up down there soon? >> yes, it will. here, too, for so much of the eastern portion of the nation. finally a warmup. keep in mind for florida, they've got a hard breeze warning once again for the overnight period. look outside. nice sunshine across the area. the sun sets today at 5:07. there's the kennedy center in the distance. getting to be later and later now, our sunset. 34, the current temperature. it's 34 at the i-95 area. baltimore, 34 degrees. manassas at 34. tomorrow, up to 40 degrees or higher. and as far as those snow showers
4:42 pm
go, the lake-effect -- we're not seeing much anymore. still a northwesterly wind through the area. pretty light tonight. 22 to 23 during the overnight period. we'll talk about the high temperature coming up for the next couple of days when i head outside. back to you guys. >> all right. bundle up. thanks. when we come back on "news4 at 4," pulling out all the stops. >> retail stores trying new tactics to get you to spend more money. and in this bitter cold, how to tell if you're allergic to arctic air. then the investigation into the millions of dollars in federal stimulus money being spent for small-town airports.
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well, turns out december was a pretty good month for retailers. consumers spent more money than expected. as michelle franzen reports, retailers are now trying to come up with new ideas to keep that shopping momentum going into the new year. >> reporter: hundreds of retailers and companies catering to the business oretail -- >> we're here featuring eco packagi packaging. >> we build marketing databases for our client. >> reporter: they gathered in new york city. they're looking for strategies on how to draw customers in 2010. >> what they know is the worst is behind us as an industry and we need to take those lessons and apply them so that the
4:46 pm
industry continues to grow. >> reporter: the word here on the floor is that once again, consumers want value. and retailers are ready to deliver using the latest technology to reach shoppers. >> understanding who the consumer is, what's relevant to that consumer because consumers are being much more picky. they have less money to spend. >> reporter: to save on costs, companies are turning to social networking sites to connect with customers. >> where it was sort of optional a couple of years ago, it's become mission critical. >> reporter: en mcdonald's it evolving. this week, the company launches free wifi nationwide. >> it's just a national extension of our brand. we want to invite people to come in, sit down, use our free wifi and enjoy our great food. >> reporter: retailers like target are also competing with warehouse giants. for seven weeks, small sections of stores around the country have been turned into miniwarehouse clubs stocked with
4:47 pm
supersize items. >> it's a low price and i'll use it all. i can't really go wrong. >> reporter: eye-catching bargains and new strategies retailers hope shoppers can't pass up. michelle franzen, news4. >> the government is expected to release the official holiday shopping figures on thursday. one airline company is not adding a new fee, but it is bringing up the price of an old fee. effective today, delta is raising the price to transport your bags. it will now cost an extra 8 bucks to check in a bag and 7 bucks for the second bag. this means your first bag will cost you $23 and your second bag will go up to $32. but make sure to pay those fees on delta's website before you get to the airport or you could be charged an additional $3. this cold weather can impact a lot of us, especially those of
4:48 pm
us with allergies. there is such a thing as an allergy to the cold. they place an ice cube on the skin for five or more minutes. if you have the condition, hives will appear. after you take off the ice cube. there is no cure, but it can be treated with an ahistamines. >> i'm going to use that as my excuse now. i can't go outside. i'm allergic to the cold. wearing running shoes may hurt you more than help. researchers studied healthy runners using a treadmill to monitor their joint movements. the study found those wearing running shoes increased the stress placed onhe hip, knees and ankle joints more than running without sneakers. researchers say running shoes have an elevated heel and have material under the arch of the foot which may lead to joint
4:49 pm
stress. wow. would have thought just the opposite. >> yeah. they have running shoes, shoes are basketball, for jogging, for walking. ahead on "news4 at 4," palin's debut. >> the former alaska governor is taking on a new challenge in her career. and the new details about that appeals lawsuit involving former cbs anchor dan rather. are you making it easier for bacteria
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to grow on your dentures? you are if you use toothpaste instead of soaking them in polident toothpaste is abrasive on dentures look, scratches where bacteria can collect and grow and bacteria can cause bad breath that's why i recommend replacing toothpaste with polident only polident is proven to clean without scratching and kills 99.9% of odor causing bacteria don't scratch your dentures clean use polident every day a controversial billboard featuring president obama is finally coming down. the weatherproof garment company said on monday it will take down the ad of the president wearing one of its coats. the ad clashes with a white house policy against using the president's image or likeness for commercial purposes. the company said it believes it has the right to use the photo but will heed the white house's
4:53 pm
request to end the ad campaign. they got a lot of mileage out of it, though. >> yeah. let's get the latest on the weather and the warmup. we won't need hopefully a coat like that. >> no, no. but you know, we'll be able to shed a couple of layers that we've been lugging around. the sweaters and the heavy, heavy coats. it will be warming up. for the kids at the bus stop tomorrow morning, it's still going to be cold. we started out today at 29 degrees. tomorrow morning at 23. sun is up tomorrow at 7:27. when it does come up, again, a fair amount of sunshine. those clear skies will hold through the day. we'll see a high tomorrow of around 41 degrees. again, it's been days and days since we've been there. look at the four-day forecast. it's 50 for friday and saturday, a bit of rain and maybe a little bit of snow mixed for sunday. see you back tomorrow. >> all right. thanks, veronica. we'll be rig
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some of the hot topics on the web today, former alaska governor sarah palin makes her debut tonight on fox cable news. the channel says she'll discuss the nation's top issues with bill o'reilly tonight during his show. new york's top court has rejected dan rather's bid to reinstate his $70 million breach
4:57 pm
of contract lawsuit against cbs. rather's motion was denied without comment by the court this afternoon.xd airports around the country are getting millions of dollars in stimulus funds in an effort to boost local economies, but some critics say the reasoning behind the spending just doesn't fly. ann thompson has our "fleecing of america" report. >> reporter: flying non-stop to an airport near you is $1.1 billion in taxpayer money, part of last year's economic stimulus package. stimulus money earmarked for runway repairs, terminal improvement s and security enhancements. to boost the economy by creating and the money is not just going to large, busy airports. more than $150 million has gone to 59 small or rural airports across the country. >> airports are lifelines for small communities, a they're economic engines. >> reporter: but there's debate
4:58 pm
over whether it should be going to small airports. like the ft. yukon airport in alaska that got $15 million in stimulus funds for runway and airport construction. $8 million for the airport runway in laredo, texas. and $5 million for the airport in manhatn, kansas. the $4.5 million to the airport in cedar city, utah, which only sees 23 passengers a day. or $800,000 for an airport in johnstown, pennsylvania, which only has six scheduled flights a day. >> we have to make funding decisions that are going to have the biggest bang for the buck, the biggest return because that's how this was sold to the american taxpayer. >> reporter: critics say the stimulus money should be diverted to larger airports that serve the most passengers. and as stimulus money continues to land at small airports, controversy continues over whether this spending will help the entire economy take off. ann thompson, nbc news. and that's "news4 at 4."
4:59 pm
"news4 at 5" starts right now. murder mystery. the victim is just 18 years old and his body was found dumped in a quiet rural maryland neighborhood. >> afternoon. i'm wendy rieger. >> i'm jim handley. it's our top story. this gruesome discovery was made around 2:00 this morning in the 4900 block of brookfield road in brookville, maryland. that's just north of olney. pat collins joins us now live with more on this murder mystery. pat? >> jim, a disturbing discovery in a beautiful place. we're learning more about what happened here this morning. it's a case of murder. it's not a random act. and detectives, detectives have some strong clues here. ev

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